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Department External Identity
Employment Type Full-Time


To contribute to the success of the UK consulting practice, primarily by generating revenue and delivering successful, profitable projects either as project lead or as a key member of a project team; and indirectly through input to sales activities, service improvements and new service offerings.

Main Duties

  • Work with Architect to design and define architecture of client solutions
  • Develop and implement solutions - either as team lead, team member or working alone.
  • Provide the technical components of sales proposals
  • Carry out pre-sales engagements – meetings, presentations, seminars etc.
  • Project manage self and small team – deliver on time and budget, manage client expectations, produce status reports, create and update project plans and budgets
  • Lead projects with responsibility for project delivery including work of others on project
  • Knowledge sharing – responding to queries, mentoring, delivering internal workshops, briefing papers, advertising new developments
  • Develop new service offerings, tools, techniques, procedures and policies.


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Comfortable with communicating at any level – board-level downwards. Able to pace meetings and manage agendas. Well presented.
  • Constantly learning the latest Microsoft and Industry technologies and standards and providing thought leadership
  • Able to train and coach junior members of the team
  • Ability to identify and prioritise training needs
  • Able to understand and respond to project requirements and deadlines


  • Experience of C# including ASP.Net.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including multiple frameworks.
  • Excellent SQL Server skills and knowledge of other databases
  • Good knowledge of scrum

[IDENTITY – Specific]

  • MIM - Identity Management and joiner, mover, leaver automation
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Access attestation/recertification
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Role based access control
  • Attribute based access control
  • Self-service access requests and approvals
  • Privileged access / identity management



  • Help the business maintain and enhance its reputation by working with peers and management to drive improvements
  • Provide technical leadership through depth and breadth of knowledge and be proactive in finding ways to maximise the dissemination of that knowledge
  • Provide professional leadership through attention to quality and client satisfaction. This should be both by example and through code, design and quality reviews
  • Help the business to achieve its objectives, both technical and commercial) by understanding its needs and priorities and working with management to meet them


  • Keep skill-set sufficiently relevant and up to date to allow the business to produce customer delight at the premium rates demanded
  • Help improve overall knowledge within the organisation by sharing expertise and encouraging a knowledge sharing culture
  • Help other parts of the organisation to deliver by responding to requests for advice or help
  • Help the business adapt to market changes by looking ahead and gaining an early understanding of upcoming technologies


  • Understand the importance of revenue and the ‘perishable’ nature of our product.
  • Look to minimise wasted time and project delays or interruptions both for your own time and that of others on your project
  • Maximise revenue through high average daily revenue (this usually means high utilisation) of self and others
  • Help the business to respond appropriately to market needs by displaying reasonable flexibility over travelling, working hours and type of work undertaken
  • Appreciate that beach time is a scarce and valuable resource and work with management to ensure that it is used in a way which most benefits the organisation
  • Help to maximise efficiency of resource scheduling and invoicing by making all reasonable endeavours to keep your calendar and the scheduling system up to date.


  • Ensure that project reporting is carried out according to the agreed schedule and that the reports are meaningful to their intended audience
  • Mitigate issues and risks by escalating or sharing at the earliest opportunity
  • Give the organisation the best chance of responding to concerns which it may not be aware of by raising them early, don’t let them fester.
  • Help the organisation to avoid repeating mistakes, by making sure ‘lessons learned’ are properly disseminated
  • Actively seek to compensate for the lack of office time and ‘water cooler’ conversations, by finding other ways to communicate


Look to delight customers, enhance company reputation and justify our claim to being experts by:

  • acting responsibly with clients’ budgets, systems and data remember, the people you are working with day to day may not be the same people who are looking at the cost; it is your responsibility to be aware of the commercial arrangements for the engagement and to monitor the budget
  • ensuring that our deliverables (code, documentation, systems) are of high quality and would stand up to any scrutiny and that you seek guidance if you are in any doubt about the quality if the client says they are going to get an independent audit of the code (or documentation), we need to be able to say ‘Bring it on!’
  • Raising concerns and potential issues through the appropriate channels so that they can be addressed and planned for before they grow into monsters if there’s any chance it might bite us later, raise it now
  • keeping promises on delivery and where that proves impossible, communicating slippage at the earliest possible opportunity and through the appropriate channel a delay might not seem like much when you are snowed under with different tasks or sweating blood trying to fix problems, but to the client who’s total focus might be on this project, they will think we don’t care
  • understanding their business imperatives and showing appropriate flexibility remember we’re experts in Identity Management not in how they should run their business
  • endeavouring to exceed customer expectation by delivering on, or under, time and budget and so encourage a long-term, commercial relationship based on trust

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